Snap Frames

77.69 CAD

Top-quality Clip Frames – A Classy Touch for Your Walls

Don’t just store your awards or company’s accolades in the drawers. We have got you an amazing yet durable assortment of snap frames to give them a beautiful frame for a lifetime. Embracing your workspaces with past or recent awards, performance or merit certificates and lots more will provide an excellent impression on your clients, customers or professional guests. MCT Custom Designs Canada has varied styles in snap frames to beautify the cabin walls, reception area, and those dead nook and corners that you wanted to decorate since long.

We, at, bring you an exciting range of frames for posting your favorite pictures of the initial days you started with your business. Those initial days of your start-up venture will always be cherished each time you have a glance on them. Turn your cabin to a more interesting, innovative place to work at, with enchanting photographs from college days or even graduation event. Convocation days when beautifully framed let you relive those past memories. Moreover, if you are an art or literature lover, then these customized clip frames are a perfect pick to embellish those walls at both office and home. Why not get those favorite art pieces framed that you collected from art exhibitions or trade shows? Let everyone know how creative you are in your thoughts by framing self-painted pictures. Not just commercial or corporate sector, we do offer poster frames for residential purposes too.

Undeniably true is the quality that we have to offer you! Designed out of sturdy aluminum material, the clip frames turn out to be an attractive yet resilient piece for your walls. Affordable and lightweight, they make a perfect option to be hanged easily with clips at the back. So, without ado, let’s get in touch for more details. Contact us now for instant quotes as no other than will offer you products at prices like never before.