Poster Frames

71.19 CAD

Durable, High-Quality and Customizable Poster Frames

After investing in advertising posters, you’ll want to protect and enhance them. Good framing is important for communicating a professional image to your existing and potential audience. Snap poster frames in attractive frame colours offer visibility and attract attention from a distance. They are also removable, allowing for temporary use during limited-time events or sales promotions. The frames can accommodate all standard-sized posters.

Our picture frames are durable for long-term use. The frames are made of corrosion-resistant, 10 mm thick, 6063-grade silver anodized aluminum that supports the entire structure for effective display. The 3 mm thick foam prevents the posters from warping, even after extensive use. Our frames feature water-resistant elements to make them durable.

The 600 DPI prints on the hanging photo frames have high resolution and are crisp and clear. Full-colour printing provides a wide colour gamut. The sharp contrast of the frames helps your posters stand out so they attract the attention of passersby.

Snap poster frames are customizable to meet your specific requirements. You can choose from two different sizes, and add frames, graphics, and colours. For unique requests, you can provide specific instructions and to change the posters as desired.

Picture Frames are Portable and Easy to Install

These hanging photo frames feature lightweight materials that make them portable and easy to use and store. You can transport them from one location to another, making them a onetime purchase, which increases your ROI.

Our poster frames are easy to install, as they come pre-assembled. You can use the hanging clips provided at the back to mount the frames vertically into a wall. Hanging clips also help in keeping the frames stable.

Get Discounts on Bulk Orders of Poster Frames

Bulk discounts are available for orders of 2 to 100 or more poster frames. You can buy based on your budget to suit the needs of your business. Our discounts scale with the size of the order to offer savings no matter what size of business you own.