Photography Backdrops

45.25 CAD

Photography Backdrops are Durable, Customizable, and Portable

Capture special occasions such as anniversaries, debuts, and awards in your company for future reference or remembrance with photography backdrops. Find just the right background and surroundings with the proper brightness, colour, and shade to create professional pictures. They are well-suited for complimenting different subjects, including product shots and event photography.

The tightly woven polyester fabric backdrops resist stretching and tearing for enhanced longevity. These backdrops feature 1.4mm thick, high-resistance poles that provide reliable support under different photography situations. Our durable photoshoot background can withstand frequent handling and assembly conditions and will serve your company for a long time.

Four standard backdrop sizes are available, and you may choose to include custom graphics, a stand, or both depending on your budget and setup requirements. You may opt for pockets and a custom background colour that matches your desired booth setup. The customizable features allow for creative and brand-strategic configurations that make your photo studio background memorable at large events.

The fabric and pole construction is lightweight to allow for easy use and storage. You can conveniently relocate the photo booth background to a more suitable location whenever appropriate. Our portable sets save time and effort for installation, allowing your business to maximize returns at fast-paced photography events.

Photoshoot Backgrounds Require Simple Care and are Easy to Install

Our photography backdrops are machine and hand-washable at moderate temperatures using mild detergents for effective cleaning. Maintain the backgrounds’ brand new appearance with simple efforts and uphold a premium quality for your photo op sessions.

With horizontal rods that slide into pockets, these backdrops offer quick and easy installation. You can adjust the width and height of the stand for specific site preferences. The mounting components provide an efficient setup so that you may reliably capitalize on your photography expenses.

Discover Discounts for Bulk Photo Studio Background Orders

Enjoy discounts for bulk photo-booth background purchases, especially for multiple photography sessions and reselling campaigns. Bulk orders cater to different budgets and the unique demands of small and large corporate events. They feature reduced packaging and simplified logistics, minimizing your overall expenses.